‘Ripple’ verdict in US cheers Indian crypto entrepreneurs, market experts

Ullekh NP

They expect the landmark July 13 court ruling to inspire authorities to put in place fair and reasonable regulations worldwide and in India, too

A Paper Trail

Unravelling the history of Indian currency with Rezwan Razack at his museum in Bengaluru

The Code of Money

How bitcoins solve the problem of trust among bearers of currency

Cryptocurrency: Coin Your Future

Indian startups have begun to issue their own cryptocurrencies to raise funds

Bitcoins: The New Money Trail

Indians in pursuit of an online gold rush

Demonetisation: Two Weeks Notice

The real test for demonetisation’s popularity will be in December, when it’s time for salaries

A New Currency in Karnataka

As a solution to soiled notes and coin-shortage, one district is using laminated paper as currency

The RBI’s Overnight Surgical Strike

It may retard an economic recovery, but halting currency speculation is critical too

Chidambaram’s Hard Rupee Gambit

A strong currency is the focus of the Finance Minister’s plan to stabilise the economy rightaway


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