Cyber Bullies

Ullekh NP

The new adolescent terror in India and how to stop it

In Pursuit of Honour

The story of an Afghan woman hunted for the crime of taking control of her own life

Mohammad Shahabuddin: The Jail Superintendent

How the RJD don Shahabuddin made Siwan jail his political headquarters

The Juvenile Question

In a few days, the teenager convicted of the 2012 Delhi gangrape will be set free. To what extent should those aged under 18 be held accountable for their crimes?

Genetic Profiling: Is it all in the DNA?

A Bill seeks to make genetic profiling mandatory for the fight against crime—and generates a debate about the clash of ethics, freedom, science and data

Baldev Singh: On the Trails of a Serial Killer

Over two years Baldev Singh murdered at least 16 people and then, after more than a decade, abruptly turned himself over to the police


They were Mumbai policemen with a licence to kill. Now they want to be politicians

Death, Not By Numbers

Why Mumbai’s Sea Link suicides get more attention than they deserve

Long on Sleaze, Short on Duty

The lives of many policemen in Mumbai are riddled with sex, lies and scandals

The Age of Criminal Reason

An adult for some crimes—and a juvenile for others?


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