The Rewards of Prudence

India is likely to see better growth than its peers despite global headwinds

Free PDS rations is good economics and smart politics

Decision will reduce food subsidy, help cushion impact of inflation on poor households as Covid time ration scheme is stopped

How a zero sum game stung Xi & Co’s pride

Surging Covid cases, economic woes raise questions over communist party’s judgment calls

Out of Fear

The end of the pandemic

We the People

When democratic impulses defy authoritarianism in China and Iran

Payback Time for Xi

Hubris meets reality at China’s weakest moment

Revenge of the Metaphor

The counter-dreams of a generation have shattered the lies of Xi's state

The Price of Hubris

Why China will lose its war with Covid

The Originals Beat the Odds

The best wealth stories are not of overcoming but of creating in a forbidding atmosphere, of imagination outpacing ideologies


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