Body and Spirit

Madhavankutty Pillai

How to feel good in the age of anxieties

Back to School

As schools gradually reopen across the country, a new challenge emerges—how do you ensure students return?

‘It is important that every youngster get opportunities, not assistance that keeps them dependent but the support that makes them self-reliant to fulfil their aspirations with dignity’

In a wide-ranging interview with PR Ramesh the Prime Minister talks about his journey from Gandhinagar to New Delhi, the challenges of governance, his vision for India in the world and much more

Cinema Halls: Opening Wide

Will audiences return to watch content that was effectively made at least two years ago?

The Boss Who Listens

Experts are never out of place in his court

Enter the Citizen

How the distinction between public and private affects Covid management

Inside the Millennial Kitchen

Easy fixes and ready-to-cook culinary aids are the flavour of the season

The Enemy Within

Do facts bear out the assessment of India’s homegrown critics?

Strange Ways to Break the Chain

Can a two-foot limit to Ganapati idols help prevent the third wave in Mumbai?

Wave Theory

They offer certainties in mathematics and physics but for pandemics, they don’t offer much help in predicting the future


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