‘We should evaluate camostat mesylate drug for treatment of Covid-19’

Ullekh NP

Clinical trials of this pancreatitis drug must be immediately done to save lives, says a German expert

Karnataka in Lockdown Mode

There have been six confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Karnataka so far

Pandemics: Destroyer of Worlds

Pandemics have transformed civilisations and the course of history but humanity now has experience and organisation on its side

Viral Fear

India joins the world in fighting Coronvirus (and hysteria)

Aspects of Viralism

The globalisation of fear in the wake of coronavirus

How Corona Breached Kerala

One family dodged screening. The positive count has been only going up since then

Body Is Destiny

Power and authority in the wake of coronavirus

Coping with Coronavirus

It is likely that the numbers of those infected will further rise in India

Namaste coronavirus!

A safe and superior old-fashioned greeting

Coronavirus: How Vulnerable Are We?

Even if the human toll of the Coronavirus is contained, the economic disruption in India could soon be substantial


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