Killer Infection

Virendra Kapoor

Hovering over our heads

The Ganjam Way

Learning from Odisha’s Covid strategy

Andamans: Viral Islands

As Covid-19 threatens ancient Andaman tribes, the choice is between protecting their health and their way of life

The Expert and the Populist

Between the politburo of knowledge and the callousness of politics

Positive about Covid

Why a certain kind of people want to infect themselves for the greater good

Get Going Again

Karnataka ends quarantine for visitors, other states must follow suit

Pandemic Notebook

Why Dare to Challenge Dynasty and Then Settle for a Cup of Coffee?

The Tyranny of Coronaphobia

I am concerned that the majority of people can be successfully terrorised into surrendering their individual freedoms, says Ramesh Thakur

Leave It to the Gods

What lies behind Kerala’s current chaos and people’s sense of resignation during Onam

Taking Life for Granted

Coronavirus and the struggle with new rules of mortality


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