Living Virally

The power of cough in a post-Covid society

Dying Young

A heartbreaking story of our times

What Went Wrong?

Any system has an upper load-bearing capacity beyond which it breaks down

The Freedom of Being a Covid Prisoner

For many, the lockdown of 2020 was a time of liberation, when they discovered their true selves in the midst of solitude

The Bright Side of Evolution

And why we should not be afraid of Covid double mutations

Vaccine Vexations

Should we worry too much about the mutations?

Yet Another Covid Side Effect

A WHO report on the origins of the virus has a fallout on global politics

What’s Normal?

The pandemic has forced us to reconsider the norm

Beware the Beach Variant

As more and more Indians get vaccinated, they will hopefully leave Goa alone. To its own devices and its own pace of self-discovery


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