‘It’s Not Over Until It’s Actually Over’

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on India’s battle against the pandemic

Editor’s Note

Second wave or not, we have come a long way from the great post-Wuhan incomprehension. Science has regained hope for us

The Eternity of Return

The pleasures of rereading books

Economy: The Restart

The economy is on the rebound—but a full recovery needs investment growth and people spending with confidence

Another first to our many

India will become the only country in the world where people will get Covid and its vaccine simultaneously

The Inefficiency Principle

What the delay in getting private sector into the vaccination drive says about government mindset

Covid: Loss and Hope

Celebrating the resilience of the human spirit in the face of the pandemic

The ABCD of Failure

From disease to defence, why this budget does not work

Out of the Pandemic

Putting healthcare centrestage is the first step in overhauling the system


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