The Shape of Covid

Rajeev Srinivasan

What Artificial Intelligence may reveal about the coronavirus and a possible cure

The Challenge of Vaccine Distribution

Everyone on earth is a potential and necessary recipient of a vaccine

The Newborn Dad

How the pandemic is changing the role of man

Pandemic Correctness

When an informed conversation is a potential threat to consensus

Vaccine Wars

There is a veil of secrecy over national and international efforts to find the right shot and to market it

A Moment of Liberation

Hitting the highway after aprolonged period of pseudo-incarceration

Clinical Trial and Error

Why a Rs 100 crore lawsuit against a vaccine volunteer makes for terrible optics

Back To Class

As schools reopen, India is grappling with the dilemma of just how to do it and whether it is even ethical

Doses of Hope

The progress made on Covid vaccines in ten months looks like a mad dash for protection against the virus, but the development of vaccines remains a marathon

In Defence of Livelihood

And the case against any further lockdowns, no matter how tempting they seem


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