Corona Chronicles

Wave Theory

Madhavankutty Pillai

They offer certainties in mathematics and physics but for pandemics, they don’t offer much help in predicting the future

Permanent Vigil

The government is taking no chances

The Anxious Pause

Are children most at risk in a possible new surge?

Vaccinate and be Saved

So long and science is still the salvation

Faith Uninterrupted

A pandemic lesson in crowd management from the Puri Rath Yatra

The Game of a Lifetime

Will the Olympics be a global superspreader of new variants or show the world a path away from the fear of Covid?

Past Parallels

Ever since Covid-19 forced a rejig of our lives, the past has often seemed another country

Back to the Office…

…with trepidation as the Covid threat still looms

A Bitter Truth

Covid-19 is aggravating India’s uncontrolled diabetes burden

Crossing the Rubicon

Both sacred and material resources necessary to counter the pandemic


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