The Aesthetics of Communication

Ashwani Kumar

Poetry has a civilising effect on our public conversations

Conversation, Rhetoric and Platitudes

Let us bring back traditional conversation. Face to face.

In a Manner of Speaking

The history and importance of human conversation


How social media connects painters, artworks and viewers

Raghuram Rajan: ‘There’s anger at the elite’

Siddharth Singh in Open conversation with Raghuram Rajan

Ratan Tata: ‘We don’t have the urge to be No 1’

Pritish Nandy in conversation with Ratan Tata

Field Marshall KM Cariappa: Coffee with the Commander

In a tribute to Field Marshall KM Cariappa, who was born 117 years ago on this day, an army wife recalls her first coffee and conversation with the Indian Army’s first and last Commander-in-Chief

A Momentous Request

Never trust a sentence that begins with ‘Baby’

Art of Conversation

Imaging two brains in verbal interaction suggests that a successful conversation is all about reading another person’s mind.

My Right to Say the Wrong Thing

As India grows, there is an increase in the delicate liberal types who get offended by almost everything. Suddenly, you don’t have the freedom to say anything


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