Ram’s Homecoming

Rajeev Deshpande

As the long-awaited temple rises in Ayodhya, Open gets exclusive access to the site where an ancient city is being rebuilt

Mumbai Makeover

A wave of redevelopment projects to turn old buildings into modern towers is transforming the metropolis

A Moveable Feat

With some creative skills and good old-fashioned jugaad, an informal industry lifts your home and sometimes shifts it too

Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry (1929-2022): The Builder

The reclusive construction mogul transformed Mumbai’s skyline

An Age Gone Blind

The Chamoli catastrophe highlights that unregulated construction along the Himalayas exacted a huge price from nature and humanity

Minimum Opacity

Urban reforms aren’t only about an alphabet soup of acronyms

Mumbai Notebook

Judicial overreach and mercury overshoot


The selective ‘sealing’ in Delhi and Arun Jaitley’s kidney transplant

Home Alone

The Supreme Court stepping in for 30,000 flat buyers in Noida is a far-reaching moment

The Rhetoric and Reality of Real Estate

The auction of Aamby Valley could aid the revival of this market


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