Minimum Opacity

Bibek Debroy

Urban reforms aren’t only about an alphabet soup of acronyms

Mumbai Notebook

Judicial overreach and mercury overshoot


The selective ‘sealing’ in Delhi and Arun Jaitley’s kidney transplant

Home Alone

The Supreme Court stepping in for 30,000 flat buyers in Noida is a far-reaching moment

The Rhetoric and Reality of Real Estate

The auction of Aamby Valley could aid the revival of this market

Mumbai Notebook

Celebrating the World Environment Day

Mumbai Notebook

The wealth of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

Bengaluru: A City in Distress

The civic struggle to regain the legend of Bengaluru

Office Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Room

“If you point to an office randomly, I can bet there is a meetinOffice Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Roomg room that is rarely being used”

Chabahar And the Great Game

The geopolitical significance of the India-Iran deal


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