Confessions of a Leopard Researcher


“Few are interested in studying man-leopard interactions. Most research is done in national parks, because that’s more glamourous”

Stone Pelter’s Paradise

Young Kashmiris speak up about the turmoil in their state in this explosive new anthology. An excerpt from an essay

Conflict Cuisine

A Pittsburgh restaurant that stretches the limits of American palatability. It serves food from a country at conflict with the US, peppered with a hearty sprinkling of discussion.

Those whom Naxals Kill

While the country bellyaches about the Naxal menace, who speaks for the poverty-stricken victims out there in the wilderness?

The Worst Session Ever

Indian Parliament, once the pride of the country’s founding fathers, has been reduced to a sorry spectacle. And how

Tadoba’s Bloody Trails

Tigers have killed more than 50 people around the Tadoba Andhari reserve since 2006. Why is Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district turning into India’s bloodiest tiger conflict zone?

The Khaki Fidayeen

Five brave policemen who have broken the back of militancy in Kashmir.

Iron Lady of Manipur

Irom Sharmila believes a book has power. She’s right, the story of her life does carry the power to torment our conscience.

The Final Frontier

If 30 years of foreign policy could be rewound, Pakistan’s ‘jihad factory’ would not exist, says Alice Albinia

Lost in Translation

Peace in Nepal, or merely the absence of war, continues at the pleasure of the Maoists. For how long will this carry on?


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