civic amenities

Modi’s Civic Quotient

PR Ramesh

When the Prime Minister becomes the leading citizen of a social movement and rewrites the rules of popular engagement

When a City Sinks

Chronicling Chennai’s flood and the many failures of multiple stakeholders to mitigate and respond to the disaster

Mumbai Notebook

The bridge collapse, The Gipsy Kings and remembering old friends

Out of Town

Urban planning needs to go beyond megacities

Mumbai Notebook

Hypernationalism, BMC on a record-breaking spree and the house of a fugitive

Manual Scavenging: The Struggle to Stay out of Pits

The politics of manual scavenging and why it won’t go away anytime soon

Anatomy of a Wet Crumbling

How Mumbai responds to regular rain determines how it responds to a flood

Mumbai Notebook

The world's most liveable cities

Stay East, Young Man

The problem of illegal immigration from Bangladesh is complex but not unsolvable

Mumbai Notebook

The receding tide of civic apathy


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