Modi is Pretty Impressive, says Francis Fukuyama

Tunku Varadarajan

One of the world's most influential public intellectuals discusses the state of the world with Open

Donald Trump: ‘I Absolutely Want Talented People Coming In’

Talking trade, China, immigrants and his own presidency with Donald Trump in the Oval Office

India’s Nuclear Doctrine: The Calculus of Armageddon

Is the possibility of India changing its nuclear doctrine more than an academic parlour game?

Master of Silkpunk

As Chinese sci-fi goes global, another star rises

Movie Review: The Great Wall

The movie sits uneasily on the dividing line between propaganda and art

Nation and Automation

Catching up with the fourth industrial revolution

Making a Deal with Trump

India First and the new America

Manipur: The Geography of Change

A state of opportunity, not challenge


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