The Perfect Storm

Minhaz Merchant

Will Xi Jinping’s impatience derail China’s global ambitions?

The China Bubble on the Precipice?

Why Xi Jinping is diverting attention from the country's internal contradictions

When the Dragon Is Hurt

Has the formalisation of the Quad impelled Xi to save face?

Risks and Returns

India has little to lose in embracing France tighter, working closely with AUKUS and prioritising nuclear submarines

A Fear Called Evergrande

The uncertainty is for real

Why China Still Gets Away

The new Cold War is not a clash of ideas

Beware the Kabul Controller

The renewed threat to India is Pakistan which has finally gained strategic depth on its western front

Shrinking White America

The geopolitical implications of demographic changes in the US

Red Star Rising

A hundred years since its foundation, CPC’s ambitions threaten to jeopardise democracies the world over

One Hundred Years of the Party

How Mao's fiction has been kept alive by his successors


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