A Riyadh-Tehran Entente?

Siddharth Singh

From the Levant to the Persian Gulf, Iran is unlikely to easily give up its infrastructure of dominance

Limits of the Free World

Who’s winning the new Cold War?

Why China, Not the US, Could Broker Iran-Saudi Truce

Analysts say Americans lost credibility due to their approach in the region

The Road to India 2047

It began with the Tatas and now the country must capitalise on the new technology revolution

China’s Message In a Balloon

As Beijing-Washington ties deteriorate, more aggressive Chinese actions after the failure of ‘Zero Covid’ present fresh security and strategic challenges for India

Sea Power

There is an urgent need to project power in the Indian Ocean to deter Chinese intrusions and safeguard sea lanes

Apple Dials India

Its bet on China as a key production hub has unravelled

Trekking Trainees

Change in the curriculum of inductees to the IAS

The New Balance of Power

India will need to navigate the world’s emerging geopolitical divides

How a zero sum game stung Xi & Co’s pride

Surging Covid cases, economic woes raise questions over communist party’s judgment calls


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