A Midsummer Adventure For Children

Shubhangi Swarup

Prithvi theatre holds one of the most popular workshops for kids with theatre, comics, and even science and poetry.

Hum Do, Hamara Ek

Single-child families are increasingly becoming the norm in urban India.

Canvas for Kids

The cute and cuddly photos in kid’s rooms have competition. Artists are creating art specially for kids as young as two months old, and they can’t keep up with the demand.

When Fantasy Meets Reality

How will today’s children learn to live in their own world when all they read about are heroes who have magical powers to fight evil forces?

“Kids at age 14 are like old men post 40”

Even as weight-loss surgery turns fashionable, Dr Dhuper is trying to treat obesity before the need arises.

Maggots in the Mind

Khalid, the protagonist, after over a year of being thrown into an isolation cell at Guantanamo Bay.

Where No Healing Is Ever Enough

Nominated for a children’s book prize, Anna Perera’s story of a Guantanamo inmate wrenches the heart with its stark realism.

The Enigma of Enid Blyton

How does a mediocre writer with recycled plotlines sell 600 million copies across the world?

Gaming the System

Q2L, a new school in the US, is changing the rules of the learning game.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Pai

Anant Pai, the adoptive ‘Uncle’ of generations of Indian children, has turned 80. Pity we can’t find an adequate gift for the man who gave us so much joy?


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