Can This New Aphrodisiac Beat Covid Blues?

Ullekh NP

A ‘miracle’ oil launched by a Chandigarh-based ayurvedic doctor is all the rage

The Unexpected Antique

How Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh memorabilia, from manhole covers to furniture, appeared in the brochures of some of the world’s biggest auction houses

Beloved Concrete Monsters

The cultural revival of Modernist architecture

The Cultural Traveller

The heart of a destination is also the heart of your own journey

Sense and the City

As civic issues dominate the poll debate in Chandigarh, Congress hopes to wrest the seat from BJP, which is looking up to Narendra Modi as the saviour amid local pressures

City as Visual Metaphor

An exploration of Chandigarh brings together unexpected works and undiscovered connections

‘I feel like a South Indian trapped in a North Indian body’

The thing about Chandigarh is that nobody is really from Chandigarh.

Chronicles of Chandigarh

This exhibition may waver in its portraits of people, but it excels in hinting at stories

The Saga of Sher-e-Punjab

The saga of India’s favourite dhaba began with a small tea shop in Chandigarh owned by a refugee. Simmering with the earthen taste of authentic Punjabi food, the little tea shop served homesick bachelors lunch and memories of home.


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