The Great Power Shift

Rajeev Deshpande

The overwhelming support for the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament marks the distance women have come in national life and is a big political victory for BJP

Measures for Measurement

Judging development progress is easier said than done

In Mizoram, the Omen

Seven thousand fanatical Christians have boycotted the census because they believe Nilekani’s unique identification project is Satan’s plan to rule the world.

Confessions of a Census Enumerator

“Now, even people who live in slums are aware of the Census. They are taking it seriously and ask us when they will get their identity cards.”

The Persistence of Caste

From Buddha to Ambedkar, some of our most outstanding minds have tried to fight caste. Why doesn’t it go away, and why are we so afraid to take note of it?

Census of India

The current census is expected to cost the Government Rs 2,009 crore.

The ABC of OBC Counts

Counting SC and ST numbers helps implement programmes for them better.

Questions for the Average Woman

Panchkunwar Kairvat tells us more about her life and views

Questions for the Average Man

Here’s Anil Kairvat’s take on movies, extraterrestrial life and condoms

In Search of the Average Indian

We set off for what the Survey of India pinpoints as the centre of India, and found him. And her. Wondrously, they happen to be married


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