British India

Indian Railways: Track Record

Manu S Pillai

The evolution of one of the world’s largest transport systems is a study on India’s cultural history as well

Mumbai Notebook

Mumbai's famous landmarks -  Kemp’s Corner, Kala Ghoda and Opera House

The Sacred Thread

India is yet to reap the benefits of its civilisational as well as colonial crises

The Un-Indian Civil Service

The colonial core of the steel frame 

From the Frontlines With Love

An evocative homage to Indian soldiers who fought in World War I

Striking Back at the Empire

Pavan Varma believes the liberation of our colonised mind requires us to learn from our ancient past. But did the past he envisages ever exist?

A State Gone to Seed

A collection of essays fails to shed new light on an old topic. The focus is on Pakistan, not on the great divide


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