British India

The Ganguli-Dutt Bind

Bibek Debroy

Is it the government’s job to support translators?

How India Became British India

The Battle of Plassey contributed to the making and unmaking of empires

A Coat of Many Colours

The contribution of Hindus to the arts and crafts of Sindh before Partition

When Edwina Missed India and Nehru

The many loves of the Mountbattens

East India Company: The Evil Empire

The White-Brown nexus comes alive in William Dalrymple’s compelling portrait of the East India Company

David Gilmour: ‘The Raj-bashers are oversimplifying a long and very varied period of history’

S Prasannarajan in Open Conversation with David Gilmour, English historian

Deborah Baker: Portraits of Passion

The lives of poets and explorers in the twilight of the Raj

Calcutta of the Mind

Modern India’s first capital was also its most global

Editor’s Note: The Truth of the Matter

Reading 'My Experiments with Truth' in the age of populism

On the Slow Track

The Indian Railways needs more than imported solutions


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