British imperialism

1919: A Portrait

TCA Raghavan

One hundred years after the year of reckoning

Twilight Diaries

A rare look into the everyday life of the last Mughals

Economic Lessons From the Raj

The myth of colonial plunder

Tushar Gandhi: Under Bapu’s Shadow

Internalising Mahatma Gandhi's ideas requires a constant study of the man, his quirks, about-turns, strategies and management techniques, says his great-grandson Tushar Gandhi, who undertook a study of the great man's works after an unsuccessful stint in politics

Blood in the Sand

A line drawn in Afghanistan which changed the history of the subcontinent forever

The Queen & Karim

An Indian Muslim in Victoria's court tells a larger story

Abdul Karim: On Her Majesty’s Service

In the court of Queen Victoria, Abdul Karim from Agra was more than an attendant

Gurinder Chadha: ‘The future will be bilingual and bicultural’

Gurinder Chadha brings a British Punjabi perspective to history


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