British imperialism

Gandhi in Champaran

Shahid Amin

Testimonies of the indigo peasants played a pivotal role in making the Mahatma

Foolish Food Fights

Revelations from a gustatory gambol across the world

Raj in India

Through the prism of Woke battles

Forged In Fire

The foundational violence that accompanied the formation of India as a modern nation-state

Imperial Inheritance

Has the empire been the default model for global governance?

How India Became British India

The Battle of Plassey contributed to the making and unmaking of empires

The Case of the Rickshaw Coolie Murder

How two unrelated incidents in imperial Simla helped end the British Empire

The Malabar Angle

A singular fight against the Empire

From Margin to Centre

Jawaharlal Nehru hailed the Amritsar Congress as the first ‘Gandhi Congress’. It was in 1919 that the young Jawaharlal became Gandhi’s lieutenant and organised relief work in the Punjab. Thus began one of the most critical and longest political partnerships of modern India

Anita Anand: Beyond Myth and Misunderstanding

Anita Anand creates a compelling portrait of Udham Singh, the avenger of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The author in conversation with Nandini Nair


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