Waiting for an English Narendra Modi

A new age of political adventure lies at the end of an election that might also decide whether Britain is one country or several


Why the Scottish vote against independence is good for British Indians

The end of Britain?

An impending referendum in Scotland could bring about the end of a 307-year-old union—and the most successful nation state in history

Britain’s Royal Baby

Had the baby been a girl, she would have been the first girl to have a claim to the throne before her brothers, if any

Revolutions in a Headscarf

Award winning author and blogger Shelina Zahra Janmohamed speaks of changing the world with her words.

Britain’s New Coalition

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are to share power with David Cameron as PM and Nick Clegg as his deputy. This experiment could nudge electoral reforms along that democrats worldwide would be watching.

Masquerade Party

Here’s why Nick Griffin’s appearance on the BBC’s Question Time show sparked outrage in the UK

Brown vs Cameron

As Britons bay for an early election, Britain will witness that irrepressible phenomenon of a presidential style clash of personalities


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