An English Elegy

Suhel Seth

Not since World War II has the country looked so defeated

The Coronation of Rishi Sunak

Britain’s first prime minister of Indian origin begins an epic fight to save the country and the party

The Fall of Liz Truss

The shortest serving prime minister in British history

Thunder from the East

As the scars of the pandemic disappear, the Indian economy proves robust enough to overtake Britain’s

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022): The People’s Monarch

As the second Elizabethan age ends, and a new monarch takes over, he will need her wisdom, her wit, and her unending appetite for working for others

Liz Truss: The Unlikely Tory and the Unlikelier Thatcherite

Britain’s new prime minister will have no honeymoon period and will struggle to keep the party in office till the next general election

A Passage to the Company?

An encounter with the Kafkaesque British visa regime

Born to Own

We are already getting ready for Rishi

Letter from a Desolate London

Sorry Mr Menon, it’s not your city any longer

The Iron Grip

The enduring fascination with Margaret Thatcher for authors, filmmakers and musicians


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