Boris Johnson

The Future of Conservatism

Roderick Matthews

The day after the Boris Revolution

Anger Management

The Indian street needs a new fighter, not from the closed books of religion. Nor from the ghost houses of ideologies

Bojo Gets His Mojo

A bumper majority for the Tories makes Brexit certain—and the break-up of the United Kingdom highly possible

Conservative Sweep

Boris Johnson's magic appealed to an electorate eager to leave the European Union

Boris Begins Anew

The Prime Minister made a gamble. And he has won big

Bet on Boris

Conservatives approach the UK election as the clear favourite

Narendra Modi: The Global Campaigner

The gains and challenges of Modi’s foreign policy

Broken Britain

When conservatives throw away the guidebook of tradition

The Fear of Change

Rattled by Modi, we make too much noise about our lost little worlds


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