Boris Johnson

Dishy Rishi Makes A Point

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Why Britain is the world’s most relaxed multiracial democracy

A Tale of Three Leaders

Trump, Johnson, Modi and the politics of change

A Prayer for Boris

The pandemic too shall pass, but it will leave the UK with an experience comparable only to the two World Wars

Post-Lockdown Politics

It will have a strong toxic element

The Future of Conservatism

The day after the Boris Revolution

Anger Management

The Indian street needs a new fighter, not from the closed books of religion. Nor from the ghost houses of ideologies

Bojo Gets His Mojo

A bumper majority for the Tories makes Brexit certain—and the break-up of the United Kingdom highly possible

Conservative Sweep

Boris Johnson's magic appealed to an electorate eager to leave the European Union

Boris Begins Anew

The Prime Minister made a gamble. And he has won big

Bet on Boris

Conservatives approach the UK election as the clear favourite


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