Boris Johnson

The Coven of Chums

Ullekh NP

Simon Kuper’s new book uncovers the ‘Oxford flaws’. He tells Ullekh NP why Brexit’s origins lie in the elite British institution

The Boomerang War

How Vladimir Putin has exploited the liberal disorder and survived the sanctions

Technocrat or Alchemist?

Choosing your new leader

The Tragedy of Boris Johnson

When politics becomes a study of character

Steady In the Storm

How Modi is navigating a rough diplomatic terrain after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Party is Over

The writer, a former Downing Street insider, charts Boris Johnson’s descent into a political hell he is unlikely to survive

When Boris Comes to Bharat

Still in search of a post-imperial purpose

Dishy Rishi Makes A Point

Why Britain is the world’s most relaxed multiracial democracy

A Tale of Three Leaders

Trump, Johnson, Modi and the politics of change


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