Boris Johnson

The Coronation of Rishi Sunak

S Prasannarajan

Britain’s first prime minister of Indian origin begins an epic fight to save the country and the party

A Prayer for Britain

Liz Truss has made a perfect mess of everything in the shortest time possible

The Royal Reckoning

By her stature, Queen Elizabeth II had kept at bay questions that must be answered now. But is Britain ready?

Liz Truss: The Unlikely Tory and the Unlikelier Thatcherite

Britain’s new prime minister will have no honeymoon period and will struggle to keep the party in office till the next general election

The Coven of Chums

Simon Kuper’s new book uncovers the ‘Oxford flaws’. He tells Ullekh NP why Brexit’s origins lie in the elite British institution

The Boomerang War

How Vladimir Putin has exploited the liberal disorder and survived the sanctions

Technocrat or Alchemist?

Choosing your new leader

The Tragedy of Boris Johnson

When politics becomes a study of character

Steady In the Storm

How Modi is navigating a rough diplomatic terrain after the Russian invasion of Ukraine


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