Winter is Coming

Manvendra Singh

The psychological divide between the enemy lines

India-Pakistan Trade: Border Trauma

The suspension of India-Pakistan trade has taken a toll on businesses and lives in Amritsar and Attari. Deserted check posts and empty warehouses are reminders of the boom that went bust in February last year

Akil Kumarasamy: ‘Borders are a colonial dream’

Akil Kumarasamy’s debut work is powered by the history of fractured nations

In the Line of Fire

We travel through villages along the LoC in Jammu & Kashmir to chronicle lives scarred by the never ending hostilities between India and Pakistan

Life on the Line

For villagers living along the border in Jammu, injury and property damage have become routine fears

A Smuggling Town

Life around Sampurna Nagar, on the border between India and Nepal, revolves around illegally—and creatively—moving goods between the two countries

India’s Jumpy Jingoists

The perils of getting carried away with high-pitched rhetoric against China

The Line of Reckoning

How an invisible Line of Control shapes the lives and destinies of people who live near it

Crossing the Line

One man who has a peculiar interest in stepping on India’s borders describes some odd sightings.

Sino-Indian Border

The three thin red lines that separate the two countries


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