The Remains of the Riddle

Rajni George

Medieval England soars and plummets in Ishiguro’s seventh novel, a fantasy tale

Woman in Red

The pulp politics of this book is not all that harmless

Bihari Laddism

Why can’t Patna boys reconcile the mofussil with a new urban India?

The General and the Half-and-Half

A novel about a Dutch-Pakistani girl coming of age in Zia’s Islamabad

God is in the Details

An Indologist from Italy reflects on the rapture that religion offers as an experience

Dazed and Confused

A seething knot of a coming of age story shows how India’s 90s generation deals with drugs, sex, magic mushrooms and, of course, divorce

Provocateur’s Remedy

A journalist employs black comedy to highlight all that is wrong with India’s economy

Home Is Elsewhere

One of Sri Lanka’s most compelling voices plays with ideas of displacement

Loose Canon

Shashi Tharoor takes on everything from Modi to the significance of birthdays with his elegant prose, but spreads his umbrella too wide

Reporter’s Notebook

A novel set in a fictitious Bengali village fails to realise its ambitions


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