black money

Demonetisation: Two Weeks Notice

Madhavankutty Pillai

The real test for demonetisation’s popularity will be in December, when it’s time for salaries

Demonetisation Demythified

Of white, black and double black

War on Black Money: Freedom at Midnight

PR Ramesh tells the inside story of the war on black money—and how it will change India

The Benefit of Papyrophobia

Wariness of paper currency can be an incentive for a cashless society

Open Diary

The lack of intellectual diversity in English media


The Modi team kept the abolition of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes under wraps

The Money Trap

Narendra Modi has declared war on black money. And how

‘India gave enough time for the culprits to flee’

Former Swiss banker and whistleblower Rudolf Elmer says that black money from the subcontinent stashed away in Swiss banks is used for terror activities. Exclusive interview with Deputy Editor Ullekh NP

With the RBI Looking Away

Even a 1 per cent mismatch in receipts implies that there are opportunities to generate $2.5 billion a year in black money

Judicial Overreach?

Vast numbers consider the Supreme Court’s black money order both timely and laudable


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