Nitish set to junk BJP for 2014 polls

Dhirendra K Jha

The continuing rise of Narendra Modi in the BJP is hampering Nitish’s calculations in Bihar

Not a Bluff This Time

Yeddyurappa’s threat to break away from the BJP

The Takeover of Gujarat

How the BJP turned a Congress-stronghold state into its own fiefdom

Politics of Delusion

It is reshuffle for one and Ram for the other, but the Congress and BJP are both at odds with the public mood

Gujarat Is Not Done with Its Caesar

…and who but Gujaratis themselves can you blame for it?

Opposition in Snooze Mode

Regain power? The saffron combine should quit dreaming

BJP versus BJP

This seems to be the principal opposition party’s perpetual state of political existence

Who Needs Parliament?

The BJP does an Anna, democracy be damned

Between the Lines

How LK Advani’s latest blog hits the BJP hard

Appeasement of All, Justice for None

First Gujarat, then Karnataka. As the BJP succumbs to pressure from one state leader after another, how long can its centre hold?


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