Beyond Belief

The Psychology of Faith

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the paradox of scientists being religious

Tomorrow Land

With a long history of soothsaying, India has various methods of divining the future

Love and Fear in Religion

Ego, politics and wealth, whether deliberately or otherwise, cater to conflict rather than consensus

Kerala: Devil’s Own Country

The Kerala government wants to stop the state’s obsession with the occult with a law against superstition. Can black magic be contained?

The Politics of Desire

A seductive narrative of sex and religion

To Protect A God

The pointless agony of Sabarimala devotees hanging on to their past

Pilgrimage Paradigm

The relationship between the secular everyday and the sacred perennial

The Beauty of Indic Thought

A profound quest for eternal bliss that is yet to take its rightful place in the world

Among the Good Believers

It may be a world ravaged by religious fury but several secular scientific studies show that faith makes people compassionate and socially responsible

The Voodoo Vote

The unopposed candidacy of superstition


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