Best of 2020 Books

Best of 2020 Books: My Choice


Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Sunil Khilnani | William Dalrymple | Jeet Thayil | Shashi Tharoor | TCA Raghavan | David Davidar | Aatish Taseer | Ira Mukhoty | Mahesh Rao | Dipankar Gupta | Srinath Raghavan | Tabish Khair | Tishani Doshi | Anita Nair

Best of 2020 Books: Crime Fiction: The Body In the Attic

I Saw Him Die | A Will to Kill | Shed No Tears | V2 | Midnight Atlanta

Best of 2020 Books: Politics: Rethinking Histories

Sixteen Stormy Days | France before 1789 | The Revolution that Failed | Trade Wars Are Class Wars | The World Imagined

Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Political scientist and columnist

Best of 2020 Books: Non-Fiction: Our Maladies

The Hidden Hand | The Story of China | The Ratline |Agent Sonya | The Habsburgs | The Nine Lives of Pakistan

Celebrating Differences

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic | Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line | Red Pill | Vesper Flights

Sunil Khilnani

Political scientist and author

Shashi Tharoor

Member of Parliament and author


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