Left Out

The anger of the recently disentitled

The Entitled Elite Strikes Back

It is hoping to wound BJP sufficiently before 2024

The Kiss of the Serpent

What makes Sobhraj such an enduring bad boy?


The jinx of a global broadcaster, tale of a Nirav Modi showroom, and beeline for Rajya Sabha seats

Richard Curtis: Change, Actually

Richard Curtis defined love for a generation. He is now trying to create a more equal world. The British director in conversation with Nikhil Taneja

Open Diary

The legacy of John Le Carre and the life of a political activist

Mark His Words

The great storyteller of Indian journalism

A Study in Adaptation

The BBC series Sherlock proves what good writing can do: transport characters and plots written in Victorian England superbly to the modern world of iPads and other detection devices

Masquerade Party

Here’s why Nick Griffin’s appearance on the BBC’s Question Time show sparked outrage in the UK


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