Bringing up Mommy

Sharon Fernandes

Pallavi Aiyar bravely highlights the befuddling experience of being an urban mother

Babies and Biases

Toddlers as young as 15 months exhibit racial preferences in their choice of playmates

Biases All the Way from Babyhood

How babies pick sides even before they learn how to speak

Dogs and Cats Make Toddlers Healthier

A new study suggests that dirt and microbes brought indoors by pets could boost a baby’s immune system

Test Tube Tales from Far Afield

Ageing couples with IVF babies are the toast of their villages. But the joy has not always lasted

A Cry in the Womb

Babies start processing speech patterns in the womb and this is reflected in a newborn’s cry

Give My Body Back

A new mother recounts the invasion of her body, the birth of the stranger and how there seems to be no respect for her breasts anymore


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