Race to the Top

Amita Shah

India’s global ambition

The Three-Meal Problem

How to decide what to eat and when to eat

Skin Sutra

Ayurveda makes a splash in the luxury beauty market

The Prince and Ayurveda

Charles’ relationship with Ayurveda is indeed a reality

Just a Novel Idea

Is camel milk a health food?

Don’t Resist Mangoes

The truth about diabetes and fruits

Alternative Therapy Alert

The synergy of modern and traditional medicine can make India a world leader

Ayurveda: Hoax or Science?

Can this ancient, hidebound system survive the scrutiny of modern medicine?

The Dissection Man

Dr Mahantesh’s father had wanted him to dissect his deceased body for the greater good of scientific knowledge. And the good doctor did too. In the full glare of media.


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