Man with the Moves

T Valsala Menon

In his recent memoir, grandmaster Viswanathan Anand shares life lessons he has learned from the chessboard

Train of Thought

Reliving a rail journey through the freedom struggle

Bill Returns to the Oval Office

Being inside the head of the world’s most powerful man is enough to make you clutch pen and paper tight

The Unknown

Being abstract and absent with Sumana Roy

Balachandra Menon: All in One

Actor, director, producer, writer, lyricist, Balachandra Menon is an unsurpassed hero in Indian cinema

Ruskin Bond: The Solitary Reaper

Ruskin Bond relives his journey from the isolation of childhood to the home he found in the hills

Her Story Retold

Women’s biographies combat historical invisibility

Rishi Kapoor: ‘I Don’t Need to Wear Masks’

Rishi Kapoor reveals the glories and follies of Bollywood’s first family in a tell-all autobiography

Urmila Pawar: Voice of the Voiceless

Her autobiography, Aaidan, or The Weave of My Life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs, is a profound inspiration

Never A Dull Moment

What Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography lacks in depth and accuracy, it makes up in colour


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