The Gold and the Beautiful

Despite all the wealth, the epics are not entirely comfortable with displays of ostentation

India: Unhappily Yours

Why India finds itself scraping the bottom of the UN’s Happiness Index

Don’t Demonise Islam

Muslims are caught between religious extremism and the moral weakness of those who say ‘Islam is evil’

Eater or the Eaten?

The relationship between food and attaining perfection continues to bedevil modern-day existence

The Delights of Detachment

You don’t have to be an ascetic or a mendicant to remain non-attached amidst worldly pursuits

Music for the Mind

Our favourite songs can reveal the way our brains work

Check your attitude

Cynics earn less than their more cheerful counterparts

Hearty Optimists

Cheerful people are twice as likely to be in ideal cardiovascular health compared to their pessimistic peers


There is a power shift in the portrayal of couples in brand marketing


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