Assembly elections

Disparately, Desperately

Siddharth Singh

What is it that unites the four states? It’s more than the changing idea of welfarism

Mamata Banerjee: I’m the Change

In a Bengal that has shed ideals and ideology for pragmatism, politics still swirls around Mamata Banerjee, loved by the bustees and dismissed by the bhadralok. The Didi paradox

Jayalalithaa vs Karunanidhi: Absentee Amma and the Scriptwriter

It’s epic kitsch all over again as Jayalalithaa meets Karunanidhi in the arena for what could be their last big battle. Open watches the preparations

Grand Alliance in UP must have Mulayam, Mayawati: Congress

Congress leadership believes that to beat the BJP in UP, Samjawadi Party of Mulayam and Bahujan Samaj Party of Mayawati will have to come together

Bihar: Land without Justice

As Bihar is set to become a defining battle for Narendra Modi, Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar, the political cartel of backward castes faces a mortal threat from the underdogs

‘Modi should emulate Vajpayee on Kashmir’

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the PDP leader who is set to become the next Chief Minister of J&K, spoke to Open's Managing Editor on a range of issues

Seven states of damnation

The party’s woes multiply as it has no plans of revival to face the next set of Assembly elections

New Take on Retirement Benefits

A record number of serving and retired bureaucrats in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab prepare to contest upcoming Assembly elections in the two states next year

Political Lessons from Bihar

Nitish’s victory has plenty for parties across the political spectrum to ponder.


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