Arun Jaitley

A Budget for Bharat

Siddharth Singh

In the year before the general election the finance minister did what was expected.


Birthday gifts for Arun Jaitley and googlies for Amit Shah

The Show of Strength

India still swayed to the tune of Narendra Modi

Dividends of Disruption

For a cleaner, fairer and faster future

Demonetisation: One Year After

The performer’s boldest stroke

Don’t Panic

There is no painless route to structural reforms

Team 2019

Modi’s reshuffled Cabinet sets the stage for BJP’s next Lok Sabha target. The slog overs begin

Ahmed Patel: Man on the Brink

For over a decade, as the conscience keeper of 10 Janpath, Ahmed Patel was the most powerful non-Gandhi in India. The master of the Congress party’s dark arts faces his darkest moment today


Humour lost on netas and the media under Modi Raj


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