Take Your Vaikuntam Home

Ritika Kochhar

Rakhi Sarkar brings India’s biggest affordable art fair to Delhi

Vivan Sundaram: Between Matter and Memory

It is his humanist engagement with politics that sets Vivan Sundaram apart

Woven in Time

On a magic carpet with Ritu Kumar

Brigitte Singh: ‘You need to be a kind of cowboy to survive’

The pioneering block print creator Brigitte Singh recounts her three-decade long textile journey to Ritika Kochhar

Enchanted Canvas

A masterly tribute to a cult Gond artist

Dhaka Art Summit: Everyman’s Country

The Dhaka Art Summit reimagines identity and nationalism

Weaving a Legacy

Celebrating the role of Martand Singh in India’s textile tradition

Mumbai Notebook

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 

In the Beginning Is Me

Anju Dodiya creates multiple narratives of the self

India Art Fair: Legacies of Identity

India Art Fair in its 11th edition celebrates bolder forms and figures


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