The Astronomical Mughal

Noor Anand Chawla

Jill Watson’s sculptures of Humayun embody the emperor’s passion for planetary astrology

Valour Undimmed

The history of Punjab through art and objects

Ramjas College: The Social Hub

Giving the liberal arts an analytical edge

Resisting the Robotic

Holding on to the power of movement

Pride Portraits

Three artists from the subcontinent create online works of intimacy

Colours in Goa

The fourth edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival uses different disciplines to tell of belonging and place (Photos: Rohit Chawla))

Save the Arts

Who says culture and the arts are only for the elite?

A Coat of Many Colours

The contribution of Hindus to the arts and crafts of Sindh before Partition

Parking and Art

World's highest car density and Justice Chandrachud on artistic freedom

SG Vasudev: Crafting the Covenant

SG Vasudev’s retrospective reveals the joyous communion of man, woman and nature


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