The Case for Evicting Ganpati

Madhavankutty Pillai

If God is everywhere, he doesn’t need to be on the streets

Early Sex

The planet’s first acts of copulation, discovered in an ancient species of fish, were performed sideways

The Genetics of Taming

Domestication involves small changes in many genes and not drastic changes in a few

Jealousy and Evolution

Dogs can feel jealousy, and like anger and fear, it might even serve an evolutionary purpose

Dogs Lead the Way

For the first time, gene therapy is found to cure Type 1 diabetes in large animals

Beastly Tales from Cover to Cover

The assumption that all animal stories are children’s stories is an odd one. Two recent books, by Nilanjana Roy and Musharraf and Michelle Farooqi, remind us that many of our best-loved stories that feature animals have engaged children as much as they have intrigued adult readers

The World according to a Cat Lover

The fate of both peasants and animals in Ramkinkar Baij’s art is a record of change in a post-industrial world

‘We’re Far Less Cynical about Animals than Humans’

Yann Martel on his fascination with animals, the Holocaust, and his new novel.

The Life of Cows

Two Swedes discover that the way we treat cows says a lot about our connection with animals and the environment.

Eyes and Spots

Scientists have found a mechanism to explain the startling diversity of animal colour patterns.


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