Beastly Tales

Ranjit Lal

A fascinating study of human and animal relationships in the foothills of India

Isle of Dogs Movie Review

It is a movie that gives us pause to think, and, at the same time, delight in the aesthetics of colour and composition

The Last Animal Farm

India’s biggest project in cattle innovation comes to an end. So does a colonial legacy

The Animal with Envious Rights

On a proposal to roof every cow in a country where millions are homeless

The Case for Evicting Ganpati

If God is everywhere, he doesn’t need to be on the streets

Early Sex

The planet’s first acts of copulation, discovered in an ancient species of fish, were performed sideways

The Genetics of Taming

Domestication involves small changes in many genes and not drastic changes in a few

Jealousy and Evolution

Dogs can feel jealousy, and like anger and fear, it might even serve an evolutionary purpose


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