The Right Not to be Killed

Madhavankutty Pillai

Charlie Hebdo republishes the cartoons and makes a point about free speech

In Conversation with Lawrence Wright

‘If you can go to a protest, why can’t you go to a football game, why can’t you go to a political convention?,’ Lawrence Wright tells Nandini Nair

The Day That Changed the World

The enduring aftershock of 9/11

Fear and Faith in Dhaka

Caught between the call of jihad and the politics of poverty, Sheikh Hasina is battling alone for Bangladesh. India and the West had better take notice

Jihad Comes Close to Home

The news from Bangladesh should alert India to the threat from ISIS. It is real and immediate

Chasing a War

In his latest book, Imtiaz Gul gives a view of Al-Qaeda from within Pakistan. He speaks of tension within the terror group, and how India bungled a chance for peace in Kashmir

Hang Their Memories

Our contempt is the only thing the terrorists deserve.


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