Akshay Kumar

Rustom Movie Review

Ajit Duara

The movie fails to entertain, just like the previous ones on the same theme

The Case of the Hello Kitty Limousine

Gay Pride in the Gulf? | It’s Hard Not to Be in Vogue

An Experiment With No Outcome

Lives of the Rich and Famous | Neglected and Dejected

Sheer Silliness but Who’s Complaining?

The Show Stealer | The Fallen Hero of His Flop Show

It’s Not All Song and Dance

Between a Rock and a Hard Place • Grand Debacle


With its overworked plot devices, this slugfest has neither drama nor depth to offer

Whispers of the Sanjay Dutt Biopic

Encounter with a Lion • New Low for a Stingy Community


In spite of some well executed sequences, this thriller fails to rise above received ideas on Islam

Dr Smart Aleck Fails to Impress

Of Misses and Regrets • Not Really a Family Man

Who Cares about the Oscars?

Who Cares about the Oscars? • Action Time Again • Bully in the Gym


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