Akshay Kumar

Star Surprise

Rajeev Masand

Just Good Friends | An Odd Kind of Musical Chairs

Look Who Wants to Play Hardball

Parting Shot | Elephant in the Room

Movie Review: Naam Shabana

For Taapsee Pannu, who gives it her best shot, the movie must be quite a let down

The Spy Who Never Shows Up

The Curious Clash | Storm in the Studio

Movie Review: Jolly LLB 2

Replacing Arshad Warsi, who played the lead role earlier, was a marketing decisions to widen the viewership base of the film

Akshay’s Real-Life Antics

Out In the Open | Patch-Up Pitfalls

Battling the Gods

In Indian cinema, atheists become believers by the end of the film

A Note-Worthy Wait

Patience Pays | Catch Us if You Can

Rustom Movie Review

The movie fails to entertain, just like the previous ones on the same theme

The Case of the Hello Kitty Limousine

Gay Pride in the Gulf? | It’s Hard Not to Be in Vogue


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