The Ghusedu Culture

Suhel Seth

From airlines to private dinners, the invasion of the boorish

A Roadmap for the Future

The big leap in infrastructure is a blueprint for the 2024 general election

Ravinder Reddy: The Man with the Heads

Having made over 100 fibreglass figures in the past 30 years, Ravinder Reddy continues to be interested in the human form and its ability to arrest attention

Fly High But Lie Low

The success of any law or regulation lies in balancing the interests of all concerned

Open Diary

The privileges of being an MP, airport embarrassment and a visionary proposal

The Maldives-GMR standoff

GMR claims the Maldivian government owes the firm more than $3 million

Confessions of an Air Traffic Controller

“In foggy conditions, if pilots are not trained, we have to put them on hold. But passengers blame the ATC instead of the airline”


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