Facebook: Ad Twisting

Lhendup G Bhutia

The social media giant’s refusal to censor political speech leads to a boycott by corporate advertisers

Of Winners and Sportsmen

India is the capital of cricket capitalism

Mumbai Notebook

Remembering Alyque Padamsee

The Surfer’s Guide to Advertising

An ode to Old Spice for its current relevance

The Lost Freedom of Cyberspace

From Barlow's declaration to Google's domination 

Beware the New Malignancy

Fraudulent advertising and patient gullibility can be a deadly combination

The New Second Sex

Exploited, underpaid, underemployed, and still dreaming. The agony of the Indian male model

The Joy of Post-Truth Advertising

And the code that winning brands have cracked

Confessions of an Advertising Caveman

At times, little needs be said, sir


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