A Cancel Culture Mutation

Tanishq pulling out a harmless ad is one more precedent for social media coercion

The Problem with Bans

Vaping is a public health hazard but so is tobacco that governments profit from

The Lost Magic of an Ironic Brand

The rise and fall of Videocon

Social Coercion

Facebook’s ban on cryptocurrency advertisements is problematic

Protection is Not Pleasure

On the reaction to condom ads being banned on television from 6 am to 10 pm

Women in Our Ads

It’s not just that Tanishq ad, a swarm of new promotional campaigns project women as strong, independent and in control of their worlds

No More Goddesses, Please. Bring in the Sluts

The ‘Abused Goddesses’ ad campaign on domestic violence is appalling and terrifying. By deifying women, it strips them of individuality, sexuality and power


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