C Raja Mohan: World Connection


Over time, he has emerged as one of India's top strategic experts who could inspire a shift from the status quo

William Dalrymple: Living in the Past

Few people carry gravitas and mirth in equal measure. William Dalrymple is one of those exceptions

“The fog of social elitism has lifted from St Stephen’s”

St Stephen’s Principal Valson Thampu speaks to Sonali Acharjee on the past, present and future of the college


Prakash Jha treads timidly into the contentious territory of quotas in education

‘My Reputation Can Take Mudslinging’

Ramachandra Guha in conversation with Rahul Jayaram on the turf war over the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in Delhi, which he believes is going down the drain

Where are They Now?

Every year one teenager tops the IIT-JEE, probably the toughest entrance exam in the world. Overnight he becomes some kind of a celebrity. There have been only about fifty such toppers in the history of IIT. We went in search of some of them to find out how their lives turned out

An Illiterate Civilisation?

Rarely do academic quarrels enter popular discourse. But the latest battle has thrown up a gripping controversy. Could the people of Indus Valley read and write?


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